Data Centers on the Edge

For years, the big data center with racks and racks of servers has symbolized the world of enterprise IT. Now that’s changing, as more businesses embrace edge computing. Is edge computing a short-lived fad or the shape of things to come? Just about every trend points to it being more than a passing fancy: Millions […]

SD-WAN—It’s About More Than Just Bandwidth

You hear and read it over and over: today’s enterprises are bandwidth hungry. And it’s true. Cloud computing, mobility, video, unified communications, the Internet of Things, Big Data analytics—these and other trends have all left today’s enterprise with an insatiable demand for more bandwidth. According to the Cisco Visual Networking Index, IP networks in the […]

Hear the Podcast with SMI Founder Mary Anne Schafer

At SMI, we are proud of our nearly 30 year history of helping companies get the right networking and cloud solutions. So we were delighted when the Intelisys Channel Outlaws Podcast sat down with SMI’s founder Mary Anne Schafer to get her take on the state of the network and cloud industry and the role […]

The New SMI

Welcome to the new SMI. If you are just getting acquainted with us, welcome aboard. We look forward to helping you get the most out of your network and cloud investments. If you are already familiar with SMI, we hope you enjoy our new look—including our new logo and website. SMI is a leader is […]