Whatever your data center strategy, your network will be the key to its success.

Data center options have expanded dramatically in just the last few years. Should you maintain your own, head to the cloud, outsource, co-locate, virtualize?

There are pros and cons to all of these choices, and ultimately the solutions that are right for your enterprise will depend on a number of factors.

But regardless of the path you choose, there is one thing you can be sure of: your network will be critical to its success.

While traditional enterprise-owned and -managed data centers remain the primary location for enterprise-generated data, that is rapidly changing, particularly as cloud options proliferate.

The Transition from the Monolithic Data Center

But moving to the cloud/not moving to the cloud is not a simple A/B choice—most organizations are adopting hybrid approaches and also taking advantage of edge data centers, placing computer power closer to the point where data is generated. Both cloud and edge data centers are indicative of the growing trend away from monolithic to more distributed and flexible data infrastructures.

Whatever your data center strategy, connectivity is key. You need a network service provider that allows you to connect to all your business locations, data centers, and cloud partners anywhere in the world. A provider that will ensure the reliability, security, and performance you need. A provider that will treat you like the unique business you are.

Rely on SMI to assess your needs, develop the right network strategies and ultimately negotiate and procure the right solutions.

Take advantage of our expertise: we know networks, and we know what it takes to get the right network solution for your organization.

SMI Data Center Services

Some of the key ways we can help you with your data center strategy include

  • Data Center Connectivity
  • Data Center Audit/Feasibility
  • Data Center RFP/Needs Analysis
  • Modular Data Centers
  • Hybrid Cloud/Data Center
  • Colocation: Standard/Hi Density/Managed Proximity Hosting
  • Virtual Data Center
  • Load Balancing
  • Network Monitoring
  • BCDR
  • Security