You devote plenty of resources to knowing your business. Do you really want to devote the same kind of resources to knowing your network—especially when you can engage SMI to do it for you?

Whatever your strategy for IT and communications—whether it involves the cloud, digital transformation, the Internet of Things or just a fundamental backbone for disaster recovery or branch office connectivity—it’s all about the network.

But as your business strategy evolves, your network is going to change. It has to. And while your needs are changing, network technology is changing (e.g., the rapid growth of SD-WAN and Dark Fiber), as are the carriers/providers (the industry has seen major mergers and acquisitions).

Keeping up with all that change is a major undertaking—one that SMI is ready to handle for you.

Finding the Right Network

We work with scores of enterprises as a trusted partner, determining the right network options, negotiating with the carriers/providers and providing the ongoing support to ensure the best possible service.

We can do it more effectively because we are doing it every day on behalf of scores of enterprises. Since we are independent of both hardware vendors and carriers, our only responsibility is to ensure that our clients have solutions that truly meet their needs.

  • Are you getting the right level of network diversity? The right SLAs? Predictable performance for all of your SaaS and premise-hosted applications over any network underlay?
  • Can your network adapt to changing requirements, such as connecting users to premise-based and cloud applications?
  • Are you getting services that can be tiered to the different locations in your organization—main data centers and headquarters locations vs branch offices?

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