To deliver the right customer experience, get the right network and cloud strategy.

For today’s retailers, they are your most sought-after customers—the ones who buy in stores, online and on their mobiles. Compare prices and get sales alerts on their smartphones. Browse online, buy via mobile and pick up in-store—or the reverse.

This is the new world of retail. But in at least one respect it’s a lot like the old world: it’s still all about delivering the right customer experience.

Yesterday the problem might have been an ill-informed sales clerk or a long line at checkout. Today it’s a web page that loads too slowly or a hang-up processing a credit card.

This is why it is so critical for today’s retailers to get their network and cloud strategies right.

Traditional network solutions simply aren’t cutting it in today’s omnichannel world. More customers shopping in more locations on more devices, with more of your applications hosted in the cloud—all of this has a major impact on network performance. Just adding more bandwidth, or extending MPLS connectivity, often ends up making a bad situation worse.

Rely on the network and cloud experts at SMI to help you devise the right configuration of network and cloud solutions that are truly customer centric. Get what you need to adapt to peak shopping periods and changing compliance/security requirements. Take advantage of bandwidth-intensive applications like VoIP and unified communications that enhance your ability to respond to customer needs. Get the flexibility to quickly support new locations. Free your technology teams to focus on solutions that help support a more agile customer-obsessed organization.

When you engage SMI, we’ll carefully assess your current and planned needs, evaluate the specific offerings that are available for you, negotiate with vendors and support you in implementation and ongoing operation.

Your network and cloud solutions are critical to delivering the right customer experience. Rely on SMI to help you get them right.