Get the network and cloud solutions to satisfy viewers…connect your employees and partners.

Today’s media and entertainment industries are evolving case studies in the far reaching effects of digital transformation. And it’s a transformation that is literally unfolding before our eyes.

New streaming services. Rampant cord cutting. 4K. Virtual reality. Customized viewer advertising.

The opportunities for disruption are everywhere.

For viewers, there’s more choice and better quality—it’s the Golden Age of Television, Hollywood and Radio, plus gaming and amusement parks, all wrapped into one.

Content is king. And so is delivering the right viewer experience. That’s why today’s media and entertainment companies are also investing in the network and cloud technologies needed to create and distribute content—to satisfy viewers and to meet the needs of their own employees and partners that depend on access to time-sensitive applications, high resolution video files and Big Data stores.

It’s not simply a matter of buying more bandwidth. When network infrastructures are based on dated, inflexible technologies adding bigger pipes can just exacerbate the existing problems.

That’s where SMI comes in—helping implement the network and cloud solutions that meet the challenges facing today’s media and entertainment industry.

When you engage SMI, we’ll carefully assess your current and planned needs, evaluate the specific offerings that are available for you, negotiate with vendors and support you in the implementation and ongoing operation of the low-latency and intelligent routing you need to handle terabyte-sized file transfers across the world.

With the network and cloud so critical to the future of media and entertainment, rely on SMI to help you get them right.