Get best-of-breed security solutions that can be implemented seamlessly.

For everyone involved in today’s networking environment, security is top-of-mind. Anything connected to the Internet, as well as the specific services being provided—website, email, cloud-based applications and, of course, WANs—all present security challenges.

Today’s network managers have a wide range of tools in their arsenals: firewalls, universal threat defense, intrusion prevention systems, encrypted VPNs, endpoint security.

SD-WANS have a significant role to play in addressing security concerns. A key reason for the growing popularity of SD-WANs is their ability to match or exceed the security found in traditional WAN services such as Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), often at a lower total cost and with greater flexibility.

What’s Your Security Challenge?

But the reality is that there is no cure-all solution for security. In every organization, the needs are different, requiring different strategies focused on different areas of the business:

  • A medical institution must protect not only its intellectual property but also patient data.
  • A bank has not only to protect its operational data but also to secure customer accounts and verify the integrity of transactions in order to meet US and international requirements.
  • Technology companies must protect their patents and perhaps secure source code, encryption algorithms and other key data against export laws.

At SMI, we work closely with our clients to implement strategies that confidently take advantage of best-of-breed security technologies that can be implemented seamlessly.

SMI Network Security Services

Some of the key services we provide to help you address your security needs include

  • Vulnerability Management
  • Web Application Security/Firewall
  • DDoS Monitoring & Mitigation
  • Real-time Log Flow Analysis
  • Event Log Management
  • Managed Cloud Security
  • Network-Based Security and protection