SMI has worked with hospitals and other healthcare organizations for years, developing network solutions that achieve the new information sharing needed to enhance patient care.

As healthcare becomes more digital and IT-dependent, it is moving outside the four walls of the clinic, hospital or doctor’s office.

Today, in a world of mobile and video communications, many aspects of healthcare can be delivered anywhere that’s convenient:

  • Doctors now see patients virtually via telemedicine.
  • Patients now track their progress while tethered to monitoring devices and smartphone apps, sending all this information to be analyzed in the cloud.

Getting the right network is critical to these strategies. Fast, reliable high-bandwidth connections are essential to meet patient care objectives. Flexibility is critical. Security and privacy are a given. So is achieving superior patient care with greater efficiency and lower costs.

SMI has worked with hospitals and other healthcare organizations for years, helping devise the network solutions that will achieve the new levels of information sharing needed to truly enhance patient care. In many cases, healthcare organizations are leading the way in the adoption of newer, higher-bandwidth networking solutions such as SD-WAN and Dark Fiber.

Rely on SMI to assess your needs, develop the right network strategies and ultimately negotiate and procure the right solutions.

Take advantage of our expertise: we know networks, and we know what it takes to get the right network solution for your healthcare organization.