Getting true network diversity is a major challenge today. Let SMI show you the way.

It can happen anytime: your network goes down, and business grinds to a halt. No internet, no email, no eCommerce—people sit idle and nothing gets done. Analysts peg the cost of a typical hour of network failure at tens of thousands of dollars.

But network failures, while common, are not inevitable. Your internet is down, but you check with other businesses down the hall and everything for them is running smoothly.

What gives? The answer can be summed up in two words: Network Diversity.

Redundancy and Diversity are Not the Same

Most businesses realize the need for redundant network connections—when a link goes down, a backup kicks in. But even if you utilize redundant connections—including redundant connections from different network carriers—you may not be gaining anything in terms of reliability.

That’s because even connections from different carriers may still be using the SAME lines or following the SAME path and be vulnerable to the SAME single points of failure—a faulty cable, a construction mishap, a manhole explosion, a hacker attack. In effect, even with multiple providers and multiple connections, your business is still not protected.

You need network diversity: independent network paths that route between the same location without sharing any common points of failure.

Solving the Network Diversity Challenge

Unfortunately, getting true network diversity is a challenge. The carriers you consult with may not even realize what vulnerabilities they share with other providers.

The cloud increases the need for network diversity, particularly if you are relying on the cloud for backup and data recovery or if you are relying on employees working remotely using cloud services to keep your business operational.

Getting true network diversity is a key benefit you enjoy as an SMI client. In our evaluation of your current network and planning for a new one, network diversity is one of the first things we look at.

Because we work with so many network carriers, we know their networks. We know whose networks overlap, and whose don’t. We analyze the providers and service offerings that are available at your service address and make recommendations based on your specific requirements.

SMI Network Connectivity Services

These are among the many ways SMI can help you obtain the right network for your needs:

  • Custom Dark Fiber and DWDM Solution (Wavelength)
  • SIP Trunking
  • Layer 1-3 Ethernet
  • DIA/Peering/IP Transit
  • SONET and SDH
  • Network Diversity Analysis
  • International Private Line
  • Content Delivery Network
  • SD-WAN
  • DID Trunking
  • Private Network
  • T1
  • Network Monitoring
  • VoIP
  • Conferencing/Collaboration
  • Contact Center