In any major enterprise today, your network is essential to your success.

Whether your strategy for IT and communications involves the cloud, digitaltransformation, the Internet of Things or just a fundamental backbone for disaster recovery or branch office connectivity, its success depends on getting your network right.

Unfortunately, most enterprises today are getting their networks wrong. They’re not really matched to their needs. They’re not as diverse or reliable as they should be. They’re inflexible, they’re not ready for the cloud, they’re too expensive for what’s being delivered—the list goes on.

And here’s why: to get your network right, you need to balance current performance, future needs, reliability/diversity, costs and more. But with so many variables, so many network options and so many different kinds of providers, unless you are consulting on these options literally every day, you can’t possibly get exactly what’s right for your business.

That’s Why You Need SMI—That’s What We Do

Every day, we work with companies just like yours to sort through all their network options and come up with the plans that will best meet their needs.

Since 1989, we have helped thousands of businesses achieve reliable, secure and highly diversified network infrastructures that deliver the flexibility and scalability they need at a far lower cost.

Since we are independent of both hardware vendors and carriers, our only responsibility is to ensure that our clients have solutions that truly meet their needs. Because we consistently achieve that objective, we have clients who have remained with us for decades.

Discover More About SMI

Check out our different areas of expertise. Read some of our case studies. See how we have helped scores of businesses just like yours get more from their networks while paying substantially less.

Then contact us and let us show you how we can do the same for you.