Leading Installer of Residential Flooring


One of the largest home improvement service providers in the U.S. meets the flooring needs of residential customers from Maine to Virginia by relying on a network of nearly 30 warehouses. But as the company grew, the price tag on communications between those locations became a significant part of overhead. And a growing pattern of
network outages negatively impacted installation scheduling and customer service. The customer wanted more reliability, the ability to handle overflows and a unified solution that would allow seamless communications between sites—as if they were all in one building.

SMI Analysis

SMI conducted an in-depth inventory analysis of carrier billing, creating a paper map of the existing infrastructure. This identified major billing errors while also establishing the framework for a network solution that would meet the client’s objectives for seamlessness, performance and reliability.

SMI Solution

SMI designed a fiber network connecting all strategic sites, delivering increased bandwidth and reliability. Capacity for overflow was established and all sites now operate as if they are in the same building. While delivering more, the operational cost of this more robust, reliable network is significantly less compared to what the company was spending previously. SMI was also able to obtain a substantial refund for the client on past billing errors.